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” A mobile phone is more convenient than a computer with internet access – I seldom use a PC outside the office ,” said Tokyo travel agent Takeshi , 32 , who declined to give his name family.
Takeshi and other pornography fans fueling strong demand for movie downloads in Japan , home of the first third-generation wireless network in the world. While benefiting from traffic, mobile operators DoCoMo Tokyo-based KDDI Corp. and say they have been forced to impose limits on the heaviest users as $ 74 billion network feels the strain .

Takeshi says he pays 6.300 yen ($ 66) per month for NTT DoCoMo Inc. for unlimited Internet access, allowing them to download adult movies on your mobile phone .

“When you have unlimited data , you have a problem with the ability – this is an issue that is long ,” said Windsor Holden , principal analyst at Juniper Research Ltd. ” I would not be surprised if it happens in Japan first because I had 3G for much longer . ”
Softbank Corp. , the third largest network operator and Apple Inc. iPhone Japanese service , said he is also considering restrictions on users with unlimited data plans .
While telecom companies say privacy laws do not allow them to see what customers download the two main suppliers of pornography in Japan , Hokuto and Soft on Demand Co., said sales of mobile phone users I are encouraging turnover growth.

Traffic Growth

“Pornography finally a discussion on how companies should modify their business model as data traffic swells will open ,” said Yusuke Tsunoda , analyst at Tokai Tokyo Securities Co. Telecommunications “You can do even more stringent restrictions on access . ”
Japan deployed mobile broadband services of so-called third generation in 2001, two years before the United States is now more than 91 million Internet browsing through Japanese mobile phone, downloading movies , games and music, according to the Tokyo -based – Telecommunications Association . Juniper believes that the use of mobile Internet in Japan is three times the level in the United States

The problems facing Japanese companies can spread as consumers demand movies, music and other intensive data downloads , including access to more sites with every porn app known to man , Juniper said in the UK.

Porn App Boom

Global revenues of pornography on mobile devices will more than double to $ 4.9 billion in the five years to 2013, while music sales will grow by about a third , Juniper , which provides research on World said the telecommunications industry and includes Nokia Oyj in Finland , manufacturer of the world ‘s largest mobile phone , Apple and Microsoft Corp. Even companies like App Mobi World And Mikandi have dived in.
“We can not see customer data , but we can assume most movies is probably ” KDDI spokesman Keiichi Sakurai . ” We can not deny the possibility that these films have adult content. ”
Customers stops or slow access to the web , mainly around midnight, when traffic ” heavy users ” spikes , Sakurai said complained . Japanese carriers spent $ 74 billion building their networks since 2000 , based on data provided by Wireless Intelligence , a researcher based in London .
Japan has more than 1,000 companies that produce content adult movies, generating approximately 17,000 titles last year, said Tim Smith , who has worked in the telecommunications industry in Japan since 1999 and is the president and CEO of Services Group company Sairis KK 3G.

” Big Winner “

Smith says that older content websites for Japanese adults have fewer than 1,000 new customers per day , each paying up to ¥ 10,000 as registration fee.
While music downloads are the “greater official support” in the Japanese mobile commerce, more money is made for porn, dating sites and even divination services , said Smith , whose company helped promotions exclusively in Japan by Viacom Inc. Paramount Studios , Toshiba Corp. and MasterCard Inc.

Soft income on mobile application site that offers free movie samples and DVD sales jumped 40 percent in the year to March 2009 and now stands at about 15 billion yen per month said Hirotaka Ishimori , Division business online.
“We see the mobile phone as a huge potential market,” said Ishimori . ” Plans Faster fixed data rate , internet access and sophisticated handsets are contributing to this growth. ” Ishimori estimated total annual market sales of pornography in Japan are about 100 billion yen.

” Relatively safe “

The porn producer unlisted Tokyo-based ¥ 14,700,000,000 in sales for the year ending March 2008 , the company said researcher Teikoku Data Bank Ltd. market leader Hokuto income is more than double , Teikoku estimated data .

“Our mobile business is constantly growing,” said Hiroshi Tojo, sales manager at Tokyo-based Mobile Digital Media Mart , which operates the line for mobile porn Hokuto . Market is ” still relatively intact. ”
The website offers Hokuto 2 minutes video clips for phone users for as little as 100 yen and sells full length movies to subscribers of DoCoMo.
” Every time there is a new method of distribution of adult content, adult content will be the environment,” said Holden Juniper Research. ” It was like that since cavemen drew adults in the cave. “